You Need to Block From Your Life Right Away

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To direct a smooth and peaceful life one really has to be surrounded by those that aren’t only positive but supportive also. Great vibes around you may lift up your confidence and also help you achieve the impossible. So go ahead and don’t fret, just block the friends who are a hurdle between you and what makes you happy. Here are the types of friends you should block right away.


This one is for that friend of yours who is just interested in using you all the time. These people are always looking out to receive their chores or tasks done from you. They love taking credit for things you did for them, and are never their when you want them. Block them right away, you do not need self centered mates around you.


These are the walking, talking self proclaimed brand ambassadors for nearly all high end brands. Moreover, they come out with the price tag even before they are complimented. They want to show off their over flowing money bags and are always on a look out to put you down. Its good to be meet these people once a while but being friends with them?? Think again we say.

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Yes!! No matter how much you say that you can be his friend… You seldom can be normal with him. Before you end up stalking him unknowingly and things turn sourer than they were. Please prevent him out of your life right away… It will do you tonnes of great, trust us!!


Now! We don’t mean to say its not good to help a friend who’s in need. We completely swear by the proverb”A friend in need is a friend indeed.” But you will need to know where to draw the line. You can not be going overboard always to help someone who’s forever broke. Don’t inculcate wrong habits in your friend is all we’re saying.
Block them out of your system so that they can find their feet and become self dependent.


There is one common creepy friend almost all people have. That friend’s friend, who is always trying to hit on you or passing all cheesy comments. Block that looser right away because he does not deserve the pleasure of your company.


This category is for those friends who are forever unhappy on seeing all good things happening to you. They would do anything necessary to see you fall. They discourage you from taking calculated risks also because seeing you succeed makes them envious. Such negativity is a significant no-no, make sure that they are in the’ignore forever’ list from now itself.

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