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Enjoy your new home, but find yourself wishing it had a bit more of your own distinctive personality? It’s not unusual for buyers of new construction to believe that the house, although beautiful and modern, is still a bit of a blank slate. While they might be excited to get started, they can at times feel overwhelmed with where to start, as well as apprehensive about the general cost an interior decorating project can price.

Decorating Your Home Can Be Easy And Affordable

Selecting decorating/furnishing jobs that highlight the best features of your house can be a quick and effortless way to boost your house’s overall curb appeal. Best of all, these projects can help you feel like your new building gives off a one-of-a-kind vibe which exudes your personal style.

Clutter: Yes, the interior design of houses can be jeopardized by clutter and disorganization. Is your house one of them? If so, it’s time to focus on getting everything unpacked and put away – it’s a terrific first step to making the place feel homier (and you’ll be more relaxed on your new residence!) .

Rearranging furniture:Think that your present furniture layout isn’t quite working with the floor plan? It’s time to change things up – rearrange some of your pieces to provide the room an entirely novel appearance. Also, purchasing one or two inexpensive new things can quickly help redefine a living space.

Consider light: Lighting (or lack thereof) can play a major role in the overall feel of any living space. Floor and ceiling lighting strategically positioned throughout the room can help change the focus of the room, and instantly raise the visual-appeal.

Repurposing: Have areas that just aren’t getting the attention and use that they deserve? Get creative and give them a new purpose. From changing spare bedrooms into a home office, to redefining your formal living room as a kid’s play area, there are loads of ways to ensure that you’re optimizing every square footage of available space.

Use paint: Did you know that paint can actually help make spaces look and feel bigger? Simply painting a smaller room the exact same color as the one adjacent to it instantly makes the area seem more spacious. Get tactical with your paint selection to up the aesthetic appeal with bolder, brighter colours which make each area seem larger.

Get creative with hangings: Gone forever are the days when all wall hangings had to be up high and out of the direct line of vision. Vary the heights and angles of your pictures and wall decorations to give your house a more modern and trendy visual vibe.

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